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Miss Wigglebums Makes a New Friend

A great piece to help your children learn the second great commandment, "Love your neighbor as yourself." Katrin has hit a home run!


-Pastor Jerry Mick, Crosspoint Church


Bangor, Maine

Miss Wigglebums Makes a New Friend is the first in a series of children's books that teach a variety of virtues through the antics of a springer spaniel named Miss Wigglebums. In our story, Miss Wigglebums meets a new friend named Charlie. They have quite a bit of fun playing together, that is until Miss W. starts stealing all the toys! As the tensions increase, it seems their friendship might be over. But Miss Wigglebums learns the lesson of forgiveness just in time! As the pups show some grace, they realize each day with a friend is a gift from the Lord.

Miss Wigglebums Makes a New Friend


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