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Miss Wigglebums
Meets a New Friend

They have quite a bit of fun playing together, that is until Miss W. starts stealing all the toys! As the tensions increase, it seems their friendship might be over. But Miss Wigglebums learns the lesson of forgiveness just in time. As the pups show some grace, they realize that each day with a friend is a true gift from the Lord!

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Katrin Teel has been rhyming stories since she was a little girl. Miss Wigglebums Makes a New Friend is the first in a series of children’s books that teach a variety of virtues from a tricolored springer spaniel named Miss Wigglebums.

Katrin is both a mother and grandmother. Her passion for teaching and writing has led to Norsk Shore  Books and Miss Wigglebums Makes a New Friend. Children can follow the up-and-down experiences of this adorable pup and seeing themselves through this lens discover ways to solve problems, conquer fears, and learn to lean on God through it all.

Katrin lives on a lake in Maine with her husband Sam and her dog Grace, also known as Miss Wigglebums.



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